I have been baking since I was a young girl! My first cookbook was from Imperial Sugar, which used to be an active sugar plant in Sugarland, Texas. It was even called “My First Cookbook” and it cost $1 which you sent in an envelope to the plant and they sent back a cookbook! My mother was a single mom bringing up 5 girls, and I loved to try baking her a treat for when she got home from any one of her 3 jobs!

In my endeavors, I learned early on that ALL ingredients matter! Here’s how. I made my mom an Angel Food Cake – and I didn’t have any Cream of Tartar – which the recipe called for. But it just called for a very small amount – so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to leave it out! Of course I know now that Cream of Tartar is what makes the cake rise haha! So my cake was only 2 inches tall, but my mom acted like it was the most delicious cake ever! That’s the experience I hope to provide for you in the kitchen – a safe place where you can learn, experiment, sometimes make 2 inch cakes, and just keep baking! After all, baking is all about connection, community and having FUN in the kitchen!

Keep baking and I’ll see you soon,